Haiti's Sorrow. . . Still the Same 1997

"Beyond mountains, more mountains ..." a Creole proverb that describes not only Haiti's geography, but also the plight of its people.

A "new" Haiti emerged after the US military intervention restored President Aristide to power. Hope and jubilation was abundant throughout the country. The people who voted for Aristide expected the "new" Haiti, the world with democracy, freedom and food, would be there for them. It has not been. It fact, for many Haitians life is harder than ever. Chaos, hardship and fear still permeate the country. Peasants and workers alike suffer economic stagnation, isolation and ignorance. Hunger and constant fear of illness is a misery that prevails among the masses. Violent crime has also increased in the country because of the escalating economic desperation. Many feel there is no hope or human dignity left. Today Haiti is truly still the most nightmarish, sweet, heartbreaking country in the Western Hemisphere.